The 2014 tax season is expected to be delayed up to two weeks.

The Internal Revenue Service does an enormous amount of updating and maintenance to their systems in order to handle the sheer volume of tax returns that get filed electronically. The IRS must also make certain that their systems are modified to reflect the changes in the tax law that have be enacted by congress. They perform these very important tasks in the months prior to the beginning of the annual tax season. However, this year they have faced much different routines due to the 16-day government closure.

In an update released by the IRS, the facility stated that over 90 percent of the IRS operations were closed during the shutdown. Solely because of this reason, the IRS will not begin the festivities of tax season on time. Danny Werfel, Acting IRS Commissioner, stated. "Readying our systems to handle tax season is an intricate, detailed process, and we must take the time to get it right. The adjustment to the start of the filing season provides us the necessary time to program, test and validate our systems so that we can provide smooth filing and refund process for the nation's taxpayers." He continued to say the IRS was informing tax payers and tax professionals well in advance in order to make necessary preparations.   

The IRS is scheduled to release the actual date of starting the 2014 tax season some time in December. The deadline of April 15th is set by statute and will remain the deadline for filing returns. Taxpayers can always file a six month extension if they are not able to make the deadline. Until the date is set, we must simply wonder how much less time taxpayers will have in getting their returns to the IRS.


-Kaila White



AuthorKaila White